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Outdoor Hammock in PRO fabric

A soft, smooth and stylish fabric hammock for outdoor activities.
A great hammock for outdoor living. The hammock fabric Pro is specially designed for all those who leave the hammock outside all summer. This type of fabric hammock has many of the same characteristics as a regular cotton fabric hammock.
* A fabric hammock that is soft and yet endures sun and rain.
* The PRO fabric does not absorb the water and dries very fast.
* The colors are waterproof, colorfast and do not stain.
* The fabric is strong and light.
* The fabric is especially designed for a hammock that will be used mainly outside.
* The hammock is washable as regular cotton.
* Or hand wash with a mild soap and dry off with a damp cloth.
Fashionable outdoor fabric hammock and hammock chair with great comfort. Pro Fabric hammock.
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