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Net Hammocks
Net hammocks, typically come from Mexico or Nicaragua. They expand flexibly, and adjust easily to the person lying in the hammock. A coated outdoor net hammock is a brand new type of hammock from Mexico. Made from exclusive cotton, it is extremely suited for the Danish weather and all outdoor use. The hammocks made from 100% nylon are also highly recommended for outdoor use. Need a hammock strong enough for kids? You will find none better than the Thick Cord Mexican Net hammock! This hammock is perfect for relaxing, but is also great for everyone in the family -- whether for leisure or play. We also carry a heavy-duty variant of the original Mexican hammock, featuring thicker and sturdier fibers -- available in either cotton or nylon, and with or without a wooden stick.

Fabric Hammocks
Fabric Hammocks originated in Brazil, but you can also find several types of fabric hammocks from other countries like El Salvador, Colombia and Ecuador, and are of comparable quality to Brazilian hammocks. Fabric hammocks are slightly firmer than their net hammock counterparts. Fabric hanging chair hammocks are roomy, and. amazingly cozy and warm to lie in. There are often deals on fabric hammocks on brugskunst.dk the PRO Outdoor fabric hammock, made from a super quality fabric is great news, as the fabric is weather resistant. In north europeans families the hammock is often used for play, probably much more than for relaxing. For this purpose we have a broad variety to choose from on the web shop. The hammocks are well suited for the wild and occasionally tough play.

Spreader bar Hammocks
Hammock with round poles are beautiful and decorative. A hammock with round pole of 80 cm is suitable for a person to lying lengthwise or diagonally; it can also fit a small hammock stands. The fabric is 145 cm and is quite comfortable for a small hammock. Hammocks with poles of 118 cm typically have fabric that is 145 cm wide. This hammock lends itself extremely well to sunbathing, as one lays more at the top of the fabric.

Hammocks with extra wide wooden poles
Hammocks with wooden poles of 140 cm are perfect for large hammock stands and are wide enough to accommodate 1-2 people. These hammocks come in many different color combinations. Our hammocks with a 160 cm wood poles offer exclusive style. The fabrics are of highest quality and many of them made with Outdoor Pro textile. These decorative hammocks have wood blocks, borders, hand woven transitions and other beautiful decorative styling. These handmade details and decoration place them into their own class of special handicrafts. They are World Art, from cultures where hammocks are one of the most important features in a home.

Hanging Chairs
Hammock chairs are a big hit -- they do not require as much space as regular hammocks, and are beautiful just to swing and sway in. Hanging Chair in Net from Nicaragua is the ultimate in comfortable seating. For recreation, as well as for relaxing, our hammocks are well suited for wild and tough play. Fabric hanging chairs provide a unique seating experience that offers unparalleled stability. Hammock chairs can transform any space into one that is enjoyable for both adults andchildren. Relax into a chair to read or just enjoy life. The fabrics come in many sizes and are for many different uses. Hanging chairs in PRO outdoor textile, are especially for outdoor use. It is available in pastel colors.

Accessories for hammocks
A platform for hammocks can be either a hammock stand or rope. Carabines are the most common accessory to be used with hammocks. We also offer complete sets: hammock together with stand.

Hammocks from Latin America
Mexican hammocks are made of net and available in cotton or nylon. The newer coated cotton hammocks are of excellent quality. There are also heavy-duty cotton nets hammocks for play that feature thicker fiber cord. Hammocks from Nicaragua are also net, and feature lovely and graceful borders with braided and ornate detail. Brazilian hammocks are made of woven cotton fabric. These 100% cotton hammocks are of unparalleled quality, and are available in beautiful bold, bright colors.

Hammocks are good inspiration
A hammock is always a very special gift, but these of such fine handicraft will undoubtedly be a hit. If looking for that special present, you can always find discounts in our web shop. Hammocks can be used for special purposes, such as a quick, convenient travel bed, or for professional occupational therapy for strengthening motor skills, or for post-stroke rehabilitation. Hammocks are also great for kids and babies! It is important to have a wide hammock for play, and to select the right material to stand up to rough play or outdoor use. We take special requests and can assist you in selecting the right hammock that fits your needs. Beanbag chairs and pillows are another outstanding and special sitting experience. On our web site we offer bean chairs suited for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Beanbag Chairs
Beanbags come in both indoor or outdoor quality. Beanbag Brasilazy is a high quality product filled with the famous and durable Kroyer Balls. Beanbag Mexilazy made of 100% cotton and bold colors and designs. If you are seeking crafts from Mexico; we have beanbag chairs, basins, blankets, and ponchos, among many other special and interesting items.

Mexican blankets
Looking for Mexican blankets? This is hugely popular at the moment. A poncho is also good for a Mexican festival or show and when it comes with a Sombrero it is perfect for a Mexican party and a great photo session.

Mexican Sinks
Mexican sinks are another popular item of traditional Mexican artisanship.
Approximately 80% of all the hammocks you find on this site are designed and made according to the specification of hammock specialist, Kaj Ellegaard, so you will always be sure to find a quality hammock made from the finest materials, in both the highest durability and latest fashion.


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