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Hammock to balcony and Kids Mundo playing Hammock

Hammock to balcony and Kids Mundo playing Hammock
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Balcony and Kids Mundo Hammock | Short distances and without cords when hanging.
Hammock to balcony and balconies where distance and space are limited and crucial to whether a hammock can be hung.

Kids Mundo Hammock in Guatemalamix design.
- The wider a hammock the more comfortable it is to lie in.
- This variant of hammock is without cords when hanging.
- The hammock is for an adult or 2 children who want to play.
Kids Mundo hammock is for short distances. The hammock is assembled in the hanging eye in a fit way so there are no cords in the hammock that children can crawl in. The fabric is delicious golden cotton fabric.
Total length 2.3
lying area in width is 1.45 m
and the lying length is 2.20 m.
The hammock is good for wild play for kids.
Nice colorful look. Ok for children's play
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