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Brazilian hammocks

Hammock in fabric, where the fabric is of especially good quality for wear and tear. The fabric is color proof and quality proven. Squares and stripes come back again and again as patterns in the Brazilian fabric hammocks. The big hammocks with nice fringes and borders are very glamorous, a beautiful, decorative hammock for cooler nights and great relaxing.
The Brazilian hammocks are hand woven to make a firm textile fabric in 100% cotton with end cords for suspension. The Brazilian hammocks come in brilliant colors and offer great comfort. They are warm to lay in as the hammock seems like a big blanket, and suitable for cooler places. Brazilian hammocks are produced in cotton in a great variety of colors. Many come with decorations hanging down on the side of the hammock. The hammocks can be used in big tripods for hammock use. Or you can hang them between two trees, between posts, walls or other possibilities.   Allow about 3-4 m distance between the suspension points. The hammocks are manufactured from soft, lightweight 100% cotton and each is a unique piece
of handicraft. The Brazilian hammocks are spacious for power napping or the long siesta typical in the Amazon. The hammocks are comfortable to lay in. They are uniquely elevated above the cold of the earth and its creatures. There are great opportunities to wrap up in the hammock amid the sounds of the jungle and the rivers. Great for camping, backpacking, hiking, porches, summer houses, yachts, play areas and the garden. A new hammock for the ones who enjoy life - look up all the offers online.

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