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Mexico Hammock Coralina

Mexico Hammock  Coralina
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Hammock Coralina
The Hamaca Coralina is ideal for one or two adults, comfortable and decorative, the ecru and black will give it a sophisticated accent wherever you put it. Made with soft cotton, exclusive design by Cielo Hammocks
Weight: 1.5 Kg(s).
Hammock width: 2,2 Mt.
Hammock length: 2 Mt.
Hammock total length: 4 Mt.
Hanging distance: 4 Mt.
Supports: 300 Kg.
The very flexible width makes the hammock almost become a floating net.
- a real hammock in the luxury class.
- World's best hammocks
- The original and genuine hammocks from Mexico
Item no.: M6ASCOR
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