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Cotton hammock handwoven in Thick Cord. K12-colormix

Cotton hammock handwoven in Thick Cord. K12-colormix
Large hammock with many colorsONe size hammock and handwoven
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    Perfect size in a hammock for relaxing, having fun, playing or tumbling. This cotton hammock is handwoven in a strong, thick thread. The hammock has good space and strength. Fits several persons at the same time. A hammock which is also great for swinging.
    Product Specifics:
    Hammock handwoven with a thick cord. The hammock has a unique size that fits most, in whatever way
    you may use it.
    * Hammock in beautiful multi-color combinations. If you want the hammock in off white or in two matching colors, then make a note at the time you fill out the order, with the name and address.
    * Material: Cotton, hand woven net
    * A hammock in net gives you the best comfort.
    * Hammock for many enjoyable hours.
    * Big, double hammock in net.
    * Mexican hammock in net with a thick thread.
    * Cotton hammocks in unique sizes - handwoven net hammock.
    MATERIAL: Cotton & Handwoven

    One Size Thick Cord Hammock the best comfort.
    Item no.: K12-Farvemix
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