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One Size Hammock in Thick Cord Cotton from Mexico. One

One Size Hammock in Thick Cord Cotton from Mexico. One
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    Hammock woven in a thick cotton cord. Big hammock in a net weighing 3 kilos.
    Cotton hammock handwoven in thick cord. Perfect size in a hammock for relaxing, having fun, playing or tumbling. This cotton hammock is handwoven in a strong, thick cord. The hammock has good space and strength. Fits several persons at the same time. A hammock which is also great for swinging.
    * Hammock in beautiful multi-color combinations. If you want the hammock in off white or in two matching colors, then make a note at the time you fill out the order, with the name and address.
    This hammock is woven according to the same principles as the common Net-hammocks from Mexico. The big variety is the thickness of the cord, which in this hammock is thick cord and consists of cotton.
    The hammock in cotton is available in different color variants.
  • Hammock in a beautiful color mix with many colors
  • Two-color hammock: natural white + one color.
  • Hammock in solid color white

    MATERIALE: Cotton with nylon arms.
    Hammock handwoven provides comfortable soft comfort. The flexible width is completely unique.
    Material: Cotton, hand woven net
    A hammock in net gives you the best comfort.
    Hammock for many enjoyable hours.
    Big, double hammock in net.
    Mexican hammock in net with a thick cord.
    Cotton hammocks in unique sizes - handwoven net hammock.
  • Hammock for wild play
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