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Quality hammock chair beyond the usual. DVT558

Quality hammock chair beyond the usual. DVT558
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Super hammock chair in tuned colors with wine red shades. Striped Design.
Very strong and solid hammock chair in cotton.
A hammock chair so comfortable to sit in.
Very suitable for play, enjoyment and relaxation.
The fabric is 100 % cotton. A beautiful quality hammock chair. There is a lot of space in this hanging chair and it is especially comfortable. A
unique and dreamy hanging chair. Quality made and extra great quality materials have been used. Soft quality cotton fabric. Spacious and soft.

Product Specifics:
Fabric area 1.70 x 1.20 meter with a nice finishing and weave.
FSC approved wood, 1.1 meter cross stick
Carrying capacity: 200 kg
100 % cotton fabric.
Strong hammock chair.
Quality hammock chair beyond the usual.
Item no.: Dvt558
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