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Natural white hammock from Mexico in fine cotton

Natural white hammock from Mexico in fine cotton
Natural white mexican hammock in cotton
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Popular hammock over generations. Hammock in family size No. 4 and natural white, from Mexico in a nice smooth cotton net for the whole family. You can lay across, longitudinally and diagonally in this hammock.

Hammock No. 4 Size Large - Family Size. Especially suitable for families. Fun for kids and fun for the whole family. Create your own unique hyggeoase in the garden or in your home. The hammock creates unique well-being and plenty of good experiences for the children. A really good hammock for 1 person who just wants to relax. At the same time, there is also the hammock with plenty of space to be 3-4 people at one time, with the accompanying pleasures, laughs, parties and colors or just relaxing.
The total length is 3.9 m
The length of the net is 2.1 m
The width is flexible net without knots, in fact, so an adult can lie across. The hammock is made of cotton net. The nylon end is made of nylon.
Cotton in this hammock is no different than possible other cotton. So it is recommended to take it in when it is not in use, and at least when there is rain for a long time.

If you want a hammock to hang out all the time, there must be a coated cotton mesh hammock that can also be purchased on the website. www.brugskunst.dk search for coated and options are available.
Nice cotton weaving technique
End in 100% nylon
Good width.
Almost all adults can lie across the hammock and the larger the model the better will be the comfort.
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