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Decorative hammock from Nicaragua with Beautiful decorations with nice details No. 24

Decorative hammock from Nicaragua with Beautiful decorations with nice details No. 24
Hammock with spreader barsRaw white and decorative hammockHammock from Nicaragua. Deco Park Deluxe.Deco Park Deluxe Hammock
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Deko Park DeLuxe hammock from Nicaragua no. 24. Of strong woven cotton netting with fine handmade borders and decorations and with cross sticks. Romantic escape for the garden, the house and outdoor life. Dreams can take flight in this hammock for a relaxing lifestyle with an artistic flair.
It is the most popular model of this category of handmade with docorations Deko Park Deluxe series are hammocks of strong soft cotton net with fine handmade crocheted borders, cross sticks, tassels and special made bullet decorations at the suspension ring. The hand-crafted hammocks are both aesthetically pleasing works of art and, at the same time, unbelievably (or extremely) comfortable. The hammock has generous length and width, flexible cotton net offers maximum opportunity for sunbathing. The beautiful and bespoke construction of this hammock puts it into a class of its own. The hammock fits in any big park/garden. Elegant next to a pool or in a garden oasis. The natural white hammock has found its way to both the inside and outdoors of liebhaver houses.

Product Specifics:
Total length 420 cm
Laying length 240 cm
Width of the wooden stick 104 cm
Border height: 30 cm, the border length is according the laying length
End cords length 95 cm
Handmade net without knots gives a flexible width. So you cannot give an exact measure, but the flexible width is between 110 cm to 180 cm. It all depends how you pull the net, but the average width is 160 cm.

- Hammock with wooden sticks
- Off white and decorative hammock
- Hammock from Nicaragua
Dimensions: Borders, tassels, fine processed exotic wooden cross sticks, deco balls, made from soft cotton thread with the wove technique SPANG. Big and spacious hammock with especially good length and width.
Hammock for the special garden!
Nice handicrafts to enjoy and have fun.
Item no.: 24
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