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Curved hammock stand MUNDO

Curved hammock stand MUNDO
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Unique Practical hammock stand when neither walls nor ceiling is for mounting hammocks. Stand in highly curved wood suitable for hammock use.
Total length of hammock up to 4 meters. Hammocks with a total length of 3.9 meters are perfect for this tripod. Double hammock with and without wooden sticks fits well with the stand.

FAKTA oplysninger
Length: 428 cm
Height: 157 cm
Base width: 145 cm
Surface: 145 x 200 cm
Carrying capacity: 200 kg
Country of origin: Poland
Material description: Nordic spruce
Product weight: 26.0 kg
MUNDO hammock stand in curved wood. Scandinavian tree.
Item no.: RIO20-G8-NATURHVID
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