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Comfort luxury hammock no. 6 XX-Large. Mexican Style

Comfort luxury hammock no. 6 XX-Large. Mexican Style
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Comfort and luxury hammock no. 6 XX-Large. For those who enjoy life from a hammock. You can lie both horizontal, across and diagonally in the hammock.

The hammock is hand woven in a simple and easy way, and when you lie in the hammock, the hammock shapes after your body. Flexible when it cannot get better. You lie incredible well. Family hammocks and this big and width model is always among the most popular.

Mexican hammock. Unique idea for a gift – flexible hammock from Mexico in net.
Maya hammocks from Yucatan in Mexico.
Product Specifics:
Very flexible. Big width. Length about 4,1 meters.
Flexible wide - because handwoven net there feels elastic
An adult can easily lie completely across the hammock.

Many Names:
Mayan Hammocks
Mexican hammock
Hammock from Mexico

Mexican hammock that you must own, super wellness and comfortable

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