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Brasilazy Bean Bag Black

Brasilazy Bean Bag Black
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Black Brasilazy bean chair. No. BZY90
Brasilazy bean bag chair -- the most comfortable lounge and recreation furniture.
Product Specifics:
Size: 140 x 180 cm
Filling of the real KROYER balls
Color: Black
Brasilazy is an outstanding quality bean bag chair.
The best quality in bean bag chairs.
The bean bag chair shapes to fit comfortably around you, whether you are sitting or just relaxing and enjoying the moment. Brasilazy bean bag chair is the epitome of comfort. A bean bag chair of extraordinary quality - purchase this bean bag chair if you want long-lasting quality.

The bean bag chair where you can sit and relax in many different ways. 
Outdoor Brasilazy bean bag chair can be used both outside as well as inside. Soft material made from an inner-coated fabric. Filled with health-friendly Krøyer balls. 
Material: Nylon-Polyester mix with inside coated PVC.
Brazilazy bean bag chair with real Kroyer balls. Black Brazilazy bean bag chair is an extraordinary quality bean bag chair.
Brasilazy Sack Chair Black
Str. 140 x 180 cm
Fill: Kroyer beads
Material: Nylon-Polyester mix with inner coated PVC.
Item no.: BZY90
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